Mail to:
Dr George Galanis,
PO Box 8022
Oakleigh East,  Victoria 3166

Amateur Radio: vk3eip (aka vk1pi)

I only have one makeshift antennas at the moment but you can always try calling me on VK3RCC  (input to the repeater 433.025MHz, output from the repeater 438.025MHz, with a 91.5Hz CTCSS)

I also listen out on the 23cm VK3RCC repeater (input to the repeater 1293.100MHz, output from the repeater 1273.100MHz, no CTCSS required), but that repeater doesn’t seem to be working. If you succeed in firing it up I would love to say hello on 23cm (my favourite band as I am working on Moon Bounce on 23cm).

I have a display I leave running on APRS, so if you put a message up on 145.175 I might see it.

Is anyone actually using packet on 2M or 70cm?  I haven’t heard a peep in Melbourne, but I have a TNC I can leave running on a bulletin board if there is one around..

I occasionally listen out on 1294.0 MHz (FM Simplex, the range isn’t great, but hey, it’s worth a try )



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