You are in a race against time and the stop watch in the race has reached the 90% mark. About 4.5 billion years ago a huge amount of matter clumped together, the temperatures and pressures were so great that the matter ignited into a burning ball of hydrogen that we call the Sun. The Sun is getting progressively hotter and in another 10% of the Suns life the Sun will be so hot that it will evaporate the oceans ending any possibility of the processes of biology continuing. Some time well before that, the Earth will suffer one or more catastrophes. These catastrophes have happened many times before and they will happen again. From a comet or meteor striking the surface, to a series of volcanoes plunging us into an ice-age, the spread of disease wiping out huge fractions of the populations of species. And then we may add some of our own catastrophes, losing control of our nuclear stockpile or heating up the atmosphere with green house gases. So we have somewhere between 0% to 10% of the race to go. Our challenge is to complete the race before time runs out. But to do that we have to work together. Read the pages here and learn more. Perhaps you may choose to join us in winning the race against time!

Qantas 747 Simulator

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