Still coming to grips with hosting a wordpress site

Isn’t it great when it all seems to work, the site has been up and running for a few weeks, 24/7, and I think I’ve even figured out how to post the blogs. Then comes a period where I have to travel. That day a truck runs into a trunk line and the internet goes down. After a couple of hours a frazzled IT support person returns my tech-support enquiry, “no nothing wrong we can see your modem”. So I recycle the modem and we’re back on line. But I have to leave to catch my flight. That night from my hotel room I pull out my lap top to check the website—nothing.  So I check the DNS website, and my IP address hasn’t updated all day. I check it the next day, nothing again. No IT support person to ring, because the IT department is me, and I don’t have any way of recycling the modem or the Raspberry Pi (the hosting hardware for my website). Clearly I need to rethink how I might get around such a problem. But then again, how often does a trunk line get severed? Well, it’s the second time in two months. Perhaps I need a new ISP.

Coming to grips with Word-Press

I’m still coming to grips with Word-Press.  I can see what the originators are trying to do, but I don’t find it particularly intuitive–although that may change as I get more experience with it. For example, Word-Press asked me to write my first blog. So I am writing one, but I don’t know where exactly it will turn up and what the result will look like. Once this is posted I will be able to go and look at the pages and see that the result is. But from where I am now, I have no idea. So here goes, terminating the writing and going to see…